Never Leaving Neverland: A New Look at Peter Pan and Eternal Youth

The man behind Peter Pan

Sigmund Freud created the methods to psychoanalyze different forms of literature. The play, Peter Pan, is a work of fiction and was written by the talented J.M. Barrie. Through a close reading of the play and then by psychoanalyzing the play, J.M. Barrie reveals things about his life. By looking at the main character Peter Pan, Barrie shows his true self. Barrie clearly comes out in Peter. The other main character, Wendy reveals a lot through a deeper look at the relationship between Peter and Wendy. But first to look at the relationship between Peter and Wendy, Peter must first be examined because he is the center of the play and it is clear that Barrie places himself in that character. By looking at the character of Peter Pan, one can see Barrie's issues such as desiring for an eternal youth and his desire to find a mother is revealed through Peter and Wendy's relationship.

What Peter shows us
What Wendy shows us

Methods for psychoanalysis