Never Leaving Neverland: A New Look at Peter Pan and Eternal Youth

The methods I used for this psychoanalysis was I first examined the character of Peter Pan. I knew that J.M. Barrie was a male and after examining Peter Pan, I knew that the author was putting himself into the character. I then looked at the main premise of the story. Peter Pan is a boy who stays young forever. He seems to be the only boy who really stays young forever. By looking at this deeper and applying this to J.M. Barrie, it showed me that he really wishes that he could be young forever and he is fascinated with retaining his youth. I then read a biography of Barrie's life and compared it to the conclusions that I had drawn. I proceeded to use these methods for different aspects I found important, such as the relationship between Peter and Wendy. This is all demonstrated in the chart below.

Peter Pan

1.stays young forever

2. Peter Pan doesn't have many responsibilities except for keeping lost boys safe

Wendy and Peter

1. Peter comes to ask Wendy to be his mother

2. Wendy makes advances towards Peter and he rejects her.

3. Peter does not have a signifcant other in the play, even though he has opportunity.

Conclusions made


1.Barrie wishes to stay young forever.

2. Barrie does believe in a normal job. He should be free to play

Conclusions made

Wendy and Peter

1. Barrie must have mother issues if Peter is asking/looking for a mother.

2. Barrie cannot really ever be close to a woman because of his lack of relationship with his mother.

3. Barrie does not want a serious relationship.

Proof from Biography

1. Barrie treasured his childhood and was very sad to see it go

2. Barrie did not hold down a normal job and played often with the Davies children (very similar to lost boys)

Proof from Biography

1. Barrie and his mother had a strained relationship because of the death of his brother David. She never really showed him love.

2/3. Barrie never really wanted to get married because he didn't think it was his personality to get married.